Version Fran├žaise Home Publications by dates Publication by types Supervision Projects Popularization Phd Jury Courses material French English Music ![photo](./images/pierre3.jpg) Full Professor at the [National Engineer School of Brest]( Head of the team 'Human System Interaction and Virtual Environment' of the [Lab-STICC/CNRS]( Laboratory. ---------------------------------------- # In short My main interests are in interactive artificial intelligence, virtual reality and their respective links with cognitive science. This purpose lead me to develop adaptive and evolutive interactive models. Whatever the application, the goal is to improve the user experience through the capacity of systems to adapt their behavior. For that, we often based our work on the enactive field of cognitive science as well as on the constructivist artificial intelligence. I'm also interested in phenomenology and art. I teach software engineering, computer science and artificial intelligence at ENIB (enginner school) and UBO university (Brest university). <!-- On this web site, you could have some informations about my my researches, my courses and other things that I focus on.--> ----------------------------------------- ## Keywords Computer Science, Articifial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Cognitive Science ---------------------------------------- ## Contact tel: (33)2 98 05 89 65 --- <!-- [Research](#research) [Teaching](#teaching) [Other](#other)-->